Building The Country
for More Than Half A Century

Our key to success is stability in quality


Building the Country for More Than Half A Century

Hardwork and Commitment.

Those are our main drives to take part in building our country. We are Industrial by Argo Manunggal (IAM), and we prove our commitment by keep innovating to create high-quality products for the Indonesian construction industry.

It all began in 1962 with Pralon, followed by Fumira and Cakrasteel, IAM has gone through an amazing journey and evolved into one of the best building materials producers in Indonesia. Now our products are available in more than 100 cities in Indonesia.

As one of the leaders in the field, we continuously keep up with the latest technology and try new things to meet the needs of the ever evolving demands from our users.


Construction and the development of infrastructure are essential for Indonesia's economic progress. In both activities, steel is one of the most important components. That's why in 1968, the Argo Manunggal Group entered the steel industry by building a steel plate factory in a joint venture with a Japanese Firm, then expanded it into a steel melting facility.

We are one of the largest steel producers in Indonesia, manufacturing 500.000 tons of reinforcing bars a year. These include small and medium bars for housing; medium and large bars for high-rise buildings, dams, and bridges; and also flat, tapered, and angled bars.

To reach such a level requires a genunine commitment to quality. We prove it by processing all of our products in accordance with the ISO 9002 certification standard. We also fully integrate the steel factory division into the group to ensure optimum effieciency throughout every process from billet manufacturing to rolling mills.

Today, the local demand for our quality steel product is considerably high. We have also expanded into overseas market including Singapore, Thailand, China, and the Middle East.

Our strong corporate culture has instilled loyalty in our employees' heart and motivation to product high-quality products. As a result, the Argo Manunggal Group is acknowledged as the foremost steel manufacture in Indonesia.

By ensuring that the quality and timely delivery of our products are second to none, we have established trusting relationships with all of our customers.

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We will partner with you on the technical services that you need, including troubleshooting, testing, analysis, education, and creative team problem solving.

Expert on Industrial needs, We know what Industrial Product & Service can do. Whether good, bad, or downright puzzling. Download our technical product with case studies to learn how we help industrial product & service perform better for our customers.


FUMIRA is the biggest galvanized steel sheet producer and the pioneer of Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL) technology with the Non-Oxydation Furnace (NOF) system.

Fumira's galvanized steel plate has the best zinc layer quality that can be folded with zero gaps without breaking or peeled. It's ideal for your industry needs, such as:

  • Construction and automotive (air filter)
  • Car body
  • Steel frame
  • Partition
  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Deck

We have been continuously innovating since 1970 and fully committed to be your business partner and serve your needs.


Competitive Edge

(HSLA reinforced bars cakra steel)

We understand the ins and outs of making a wide range of products and service. We can apply our vast experience to help you solve problems and maximize opportunities in your market.

While others are pushing stock solutions, we help you use our deep market experience, technical expertise, business solutions, and support to pursue real opportunities. We have discovered solutions for every opportunity.

Iron Pipe, Plastic Pipe, Pralon Pipe? What's The Difference?

Choosing pipe for construction needs, such as houses, buildings, factories, or industrial structures can be difficult. There are plenty of options, but that just made us more confused. Worse, if we choose wrongly, it could cost us.

CSR AMG Industrial

It might be better for us to know them before we buy them.

Iron vs Paralon Plumbing

If we see old buildings, there is a high chance we can also see iron plumbings. That's because iron pipes have been used since forever. These days, however, paralon pipes are more popular in the market.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Iron Pipe

Actually, the iron pipe is a tough material. If treated well, the iron pipe is durable and long-lasting. The iron pipe can also stand extremely high temperatures and even could survive a fire in the building. But what if the water inside the pipe froze due to the extremely cold temperatures? Because of the high conductivity of iron, the water or gas inside could freeze or even blow up if the outside temperature is extreme.

Although it's tough, the iron pipe also has another weakness, the maintenance. If not treated well, located in an unfriendly environment, and if the liquid or gas flowing inside is reactive to iron, the pipe could rust. We don't want the water we use contaminated by rust or other dangerous materials, do we?

The iron pipe maintenance cost is high. That investment might be better used for other things.

“So, what are the alternatives?”

Paralon Pipes as The More Ideal Choice

The Paralon Pipe is a better replacement for iron pipes. Paralon is basically a plastic pipe. The word Paralon itself is a generic word that is synonymous with the familiar trademark 'Pralon'. Pralon is a quality plastic pipe brand so popular that plastic pipes in general are often called paralon pipes.

Types of Plastic Pipes

"Are all plastic pipes the same?"

Of course not. There are lots of variety and types of plastic pipes that are available in the market.

PVC Pipe

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a processed plastic that is commonly used in plastic goods. This type of plastic is also used to make PVC pipe. PVC pipe is supple and flexible. But the PVC pipe has the tendency to be contaminated by water or other liquid at high temperatures. PVC is related to uPVC.

uPVC Pipe

uPVC or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is one of the plastic pipes that are produced by Pralon. The advantages of uPVC Pralon compared to regular PVC lie in the mixture of ingredients of uPVC that don't contain BPA and Phthalates. These two dangerous materials make regular PVC pipe flexible but could contaminate the water flow inside.uPVC often used for plumbing and other waterways. It is a cheap but tough alternative in various parts of the world. It's rigid but not easily broken or damaged. It can replace once-reliable iron pipe or plumbing. With uPVC, you don't have to worry about rust. The maintenance is also easier and more friendly.

PE Pipe

"What about PE Type Pipe?"

PE pipe or polyethylene is a plastic pipe that also produced by Pralon. It's a type of pipe that is widely available in the market. About 90% of natural gas in the world flow inside the PE pipe. Basic ingredients of polyethylene are used on the production of the plastic pipe but it has more flexible characteristics compared to PVC pipe. PE pipe has better endurance to the pressure and temperature on gas or water in it. The PE pipe produced by Pralon can last on lower than zero degrees up to a certain level of heat of a fire.

Because of the many advantages, PE pipes are usually used by the mining industry and big manufacture that prioritize excellent endurance.

Are You Ready to Hunt for the Pipe?

uPVC and PE pipe can be the choices that are cheap, non-corrosive, easy to maintenance, strong, and resilient. If you need pipes for your project, Pralon can be a reliable alternative. There are many options to choose from along the Pralon product line. Moreover, their quality is guaranteed.

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